I would have never imagined that my childhood game would give birth to the idea of ​​Ancient Eleftherna’s trail. The exploration of the wild nature and the treasures within made me pick the road to follow which was studying and recognizing the natural environment.

This magic that I have felt and continue to feel regardless the years passed is what I want to convey to you through this activity.

An outstanding experience

This activity aims at offering the visitor, through hiking and mountain biking, a view of  the island of Crete in a way you could not see behind the glass window of the bus as well as the PC’s screen.

Discover a place that is wild, live, magical and hospitable that resists Time with more secrets to reveal to you.

By forming small groups of 2-8 persons we have the flexibility to adjust the schedule depending on the group’s needs. It is our expectation to start as being a team and end up being a friendly company.

The needs of contemporary man for a closer relationship with Nature but also with his/ her own self renders this activity a remarkable experience for the body and the mind, as well.